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High Tech/Green Office

Artistic Smiles Dentistry uses surgical-grade cloth sterilization wraps for instruments and patient drapes, which is the same material that hospitals use. This improvement has reduced our waste by as much as 70%.

Amalgam Separator

Our office installed a heavy metal separator to prevent introducing mercury and other heavy metals into the water system more than five years ago. This was ahead of the federal mandate that requires dental practices to use this equipment.

Paperless Patient Charts

Password-protected software has decreased the use of paper in our office while increasing the security of your personal information. In addition, we beat the federal mandate for paperless medical records by four years.

Digital X-Rays

All X-rays taken in our office are digital, which reduces radiation exposure by 50% over film x-rays. When combined with our collimator, your X-rays are taken with the internationally accepted standard for providing radiation that is as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA Principle).